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LibDem Expand in 2017

What to expect from LibDem Expand in 2017.

2017 is well underway. It’s going to be an especially significance year for our country, with Theresa May due to invoke Article 50 before the end of March. This adds extra urgency to our work.

We learnt a lot in the first six months following our launch in June. We’re aiming much higher for 2017. Here’s some of what you can expect from us this year.

To start, you’re currently on our new website, libdemexpand.co.uk. We’ve got a New Year piece from Josh Dixon about what the LibDems’ successes in 2016 might mean for 2017, and a brand new post by Martin Walker about his experience as a new member. There are reasons for (cautious) optimism!

We have new posts from different contributors in the works, including by Watford’s Dipa Vaya about diversity and a message for every voter. Later in the year we’re planning to explore what Brexit might mean for our message. The party has recently been winning by-election after by-election, even in Leave seats. Why might that be?

In development, also, is a survey to evaluate just what are the barriers to a ‘650 strategy’? Is it a matter of culture, strategy or capacity? More on that later.

Conference is coming up, too, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you there. While we are not likely to have a formal presence in York, we are very much planning to do so in Bournemouth in the Autumn.

How can you get involved?

Share our articles in LibDem groups, or on your own social media. Write for us. Make a donation. Let us know what your local party is doing to reach out to former ‘no-go areas’. Come and chat to us at conference. Help us grow. However you want to get involved, we’re contactable through social media or at info@libdemexpand.co.uk.

Be a part of the 650 Strategy.

LibDem Expand aims to build a ‘650 seat strategy’ for the Liberal Democrats, with no ‘no go areas’ and a message for every voter. Be part of the campaign. Subscribe to our updates, donate, or join.

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