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What we’re looking forward to at #LDConf

LibDem Conference is coming up soon. Here are some of the events we're most looking forward to.

Liberal Democrat Spring Conference is coming up soon (17-19 March), and this week saw the release of the agenda.

Conference is a great experience – be it for new members, policy-wonks, or those in between! Plus, York is a fantastic city with plenty to see. If you haven’t booked already you can do so here.

Several items stand out for us at LibDem Expand, from fundraising to the latest techniques and training. Maybe we’ll see you there – hopefully at Autumn Conference you’ll be able to join us at our very own fringe!

Friday Evening

Conference Rally

“With Tim Farron, Sarah Olney, Nick Clegg and special guests York Barbican, Auditorium, 18:30-19:30”

What should we say to reassure the ‘Left Behind’? Lib Dem Peers
“Liberal Democrats want to give a voice to the 48%, but what do we want to say to those who voted ‘Leave’? The discussion will be led by William Wallace, John Shipley, Cathy Bakewell, Tony Greaves, and other members of the working group. Novotel, Meeting Room 1&2, 20:15-21:30”

Saturday Morning

Radix – what does 2017 hold in store for liberalism? “A look at the year ahead and the challenges for liberalism with Sarah Olney, MP for Richmond Park, Mark Pack, Caron Lindsey and Nick Tyrone as chair, with Radix launching a book on the topic. Novotel, Meeting Room 1&2. Saturday, 13:00-14:00”

LDHQ Membership Team – Membership development: recruit new members and retain existing members “Share best practice on how to recruit and retain members in your local party. Applying the lessons shared in this session will assist local parties to increase their new member recruitment and well as retention rates. Venue: Meeting Room 6, Novotel. Saturday 9:30-10:45”

LDHQ Campaigns Team – Transforming your digital campaign “How email, Facebook and other digital tools can build your supporter base, reach fresh audiences and give you new insight into local communities. Venue: Walmgate Room, Hilton. Saturday 9:30-10:45″

Young Liberals – Recruit Young Liberals “Perfect your Young Liberals elevator pitch and prepare a recruitment strategy. Take advantage of opportunities to engage and develop young members all year round. Venue: Meeting Room 5, Novotel. Saturday 11:00-12:30″

ALDC – Campaign Skills – Emails in campaigning and using video in campaigning “Keys to successful digital campaigning: Effective use of emails to campaign and using video to get noticed online. Venue: Micklegate Room, Hilton. Saturday 11:00-12:30″

ALDC – Campaign Skills – Knocking on doors and Postal Votes “Key ways to win elections: why we knock on doors and how to do it and why postal voters are vital and how to use them effectively. Venue: Bootham Room, Hilton. Saturday 11:00-12:30″

Saturday Afternoon

LDHQ Diversity Team – Diverse Communication Skills “Understanding effective communication for diverse audiences, helping you to understand your purpose, audience and message. Venue: Meeting Room 5, Novotel. Saturday 14:30-16:00″

ALDC & LDHQ Fundraising Team – Fundraise Like the Big Players “Learn advanced techniques and skills from charities, institutions and universities to uplift your fundraising and build a winning fighting fund. Joint session with ALDC. Venue: Micklegate Room, Hilton. Saturday 14:30-16:00″

LDHQ Campaigns Team – What we can learn from Richmond Park and recent by-elections “Richmond Park and Witney were two of the best by-election results of the last 20 years. Come find out how we did it and how it can help your local campaign. Venue: Minster Suite, Hilton. Saturday 14:30-16:00″

LDHQ Fundraising Team & Young Liberals – Fundraising for Liberal Democrat interest groups and SAOs: building funds to extend your impact “Identify new funding opportunities to grow your organisation. Make your case for support and plan for success alongside other Liberal Democrat SAOs and interest groups. Venue: Meeting Room 3, Novotel. Saturday 16:15-17:30″

LDHQ Campaigns Team – Developing a winning plan for 2017, 18 and beyond “Even the best messages can be ineffective if you don’t have the plan and organisation to deliver them. Come along and we’ll help build or fine tune your plans to hit your goals. Venue: Walmgate Room, Hilton. Saturday 16:15-17:30″

See you there!

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