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After a night of modest progress, we need a 650 Strategy

After a very intense and brief campaign, we are all exhausted. But our work doesn’t end here. Before saying anything else, we want to applaud the Liberal Democrat activists and candidates up and down the country who worked and worked to change Britain’s future. We are delighted to have increased our seats in Parliament! 

However, while there are certainly bright spots, the result is prompt for reflection.

A full analysis of the LibDem general election campaign will likely follow later in the year. It is not the purpose of this post to speculate on explanations. What we are calling for now is the serious consideration and adoption of a 650 Strategy for the party. Our party needs rebuilding, and that can only happen from the local level upwards.

The 650 Strategy we propose is inspired by Howard Dean’s ‘50 State Strategy’ for the Democrats, which helped get Barack Obama elected in 2008. Between elections, our local parties need to be working to recruit new members; to be working to speak to voters; to develop their skills and capabilities. We need to move beyond thinking of ‘no go areas’. We need to be constantly reaching out to new voters as well as keeping existing ones engaged.

Our call to action is simple: No ‘no go areas’. A message for every voter.

If you would like to help us build this strategy for the party, join us as a member. Since our launch in 2016 we have had some excellent guest writers lend their voice – make sure to have a read.

Do you want to see our local parties rebuilt and growing? Join our campaign to build a 650 Strategy here.


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