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What we’re looking forward to at #LDConf in Bournemouth

It’s conference time again already!

The agenda is out now, and as with Spring Conference, we’ve gathered together our highlights. See below, and let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed. We’ll be updating this as more (i.e. fringes and training) get confirmed on the agenda.

See you there!

Saturday 16 September

Party Strategy Consultation – “This session is an opportunity for members to feed in to the strategy’s drafting group and to ask questions of key members of that group. It is also a forum to allow members to propose radical new approaches which the Party should consider adopting, in all aspects of its work.” 10:10. For more info see here. Take a read of what we, at LibDem Expand, are proposing too.

Campaign for Gender Balance Report – 17:50. Dipa Vaya has written on this, see here.

Sunday 17 September

  • TBC.

Monday 18 September

Manifesto Feedback Consultation – “This session is your chance to tell the FPC what you thought of the manifesto. Were its main messages the right ones, or should they have been di erent? Which particular policies worked well with the voters in your area, and which worked badly? What issues were often raised by voters which were not covered adequately, or at all, in the manifesto? Did we get our proposals for additional taxation and public spending, and the balance between them, right?” 16:30

Tuesday 19 September

  • TBC.

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