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5 reasons you should join LibDem Expand

LibDem Expand launched in 2016 following a wave of successful local elections. Inspired by Howard Dean’s ’50 State Strategy’, we advocate a 650 Strategy for the Liberal Democrats. We want a message for every voter, and to challenge the idea of ‘no go areas’.  Every local party needs to be ambitious, both for itself and for the party. This means training, development and campaigning need to be on an on-going basis.

We can’t make our case without the support of our members and subscribers. Here are our top 5 reasons to join us, which you can do here!

  1. key_about_the_party
    We’re calling for a 650 Strategy. We want all LibDem local parties to be proactive in campaigning, training and development. We need to tackle the idea of ‘no go areas’ and ensure we have the capacity to deliver a message for every voter.
  2. article-2070026-0F0DC67B00000578-919_233x496
    We’ve got some absolutely AWESOME contributors and writers. We’re engaging with voices from right across our party to find out what’s working well, and what’s not. (Disclaimer: Jane Austen is not a LibDem Expand author). Check out our blogs.
  3. such-bargain-so-value
    Our membership is on a pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth basis, so you can pay what you can afford. Your membership fee goes towards the running of our website and digital campaigning, and will go towards our upcoming presences at LibDem Conferences.
  4. screen-shot-2013-07-17-at-11.13.20-am
    We want to keep our members up to date and involved. Our members regularly write for us – and you can too! A 650 Strategy is all about bringing people in, and building up teams. That’s the approach we take for LibDem Expand too!
  5. Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 17.47.29
    A 650 Strategy is what our party needs to rebuild. As we wrote in our Open Letter to the Federal Board, and follow up to the General Election, a 650 Strategy is what we need to rebuild our party at all levels of government. From ward to Westminster, we need to be reaching out to new voters and building up our operational capacity.


Join now, or get in touch.

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