Today marks the centenary or women first getting the vote in the UK. 

On 6 February 1918, the Representation of the People Act was brought into law.

At first the franchise extended to women above 30 who met a property qualification – while it was a right held by all men over the age of 21. It was not until 1928 with the Equal Franchise Act that all women gained the right to vote on equal terms with men (being 21 or older).

One hundred years later the campaign for political equality is not complete. While figures from recent elections show turnout between men and women being relatively similar, this cannot be said for representation. Only 208 in 650 MPs in Parliament today are women. And locally things are rarely much better. In Tower Hamlets, where I live for instance, only 12 out of 45 councillors in Tower Hamlets are women.

Each of us can do something to amend this; whether it’s putting yourself forward or really asking a woman to stand.
For our part, here are 17 women who are building their local parties (many of whom have local elections this May), and a link to their fighting funds.
Thank you to the Feminist LibDems group for nominations. There’s no reason why this list needs to stay at 17. If you want to be added or know someone who should – send us a tweet or message.

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