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Nominations for ALDC Awards open

ALDC has a fantastic record and reputation among the Liberal Democrats. So what better honour than to be the recipient of one of their annual awards?

Nominations for the ALDC Campaigner Awards are now open, so you have until 26 August to get yours in.

The categories are:

  • Best Local Election Campaign – rewarding innovative ideas, great literature, and strong 2018 results
  • Best By-Election – everyone knows the Lib Dems rock at by-elections, but who’s really stood out?
  • Best Achievement – Beyond elections, what successes have your team had locally? Have you been able to get the Council to concede something, or run a great community campaign?
  • Campaign Photo of the Year – this one’s pretty self explanatory. Whether on a leaflet or on social media, images can be really powerful.


To make a nomination you just need to email Claire Halliwell (claire.halliwell [at] aldc [dot] org), explaining who you’re nominating (even if your own local party), which category, and attaching supporting materials. The awards will be presented during the ALDC AGM at Autumn Conference, with the winner of each category winning a cash prize!

There’s more information on the ALDC website, here.

Good luck!

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