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Introducing the Activist Spotlight

Who are the superstar activists in your local party or organisation, who are driving things forward? Often if people aren’t candidates they can go unnoticed. But the people ‘behind the scenes’ are hugely important to the success of any candidate or local party.

Following on from our 17 women who are rebuilding their local parties piece in February, we’re launching our new Activist Spotlight.

We’re happy to feature candidates, but we’re keen to highlight the work of those who aren’t usually in the spotlight. Is your local party Chair really shaking things up? Is your treasurer or someone on your fundraising team blowing you away?

From your community leaders to designers to comms and press volunteers – we want to talk about them.

If you’ve got a nomination, please write to We’ll need names, some basic details on what they’re doing, a couple of quotes form different people in your local party/organisation, and some photos, and a link to your donate page. It would also be good to know that the person is happy to be in the spotlight like this.

Our party is full of brilliant people who work tirelessly to advance liberal democracy and improve people’s lives. Let’s show them off.

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