“The DNC is back to the 50-state strategy”

Good news for Liberal Democrat Expand and 50-state strategy fans: according to Gov. Howard Dean, the 50-state strategy is back!

In a recent fundraising email, Dean wrote:

As the former chair of the DNC during the 2006 midterm election, I know for a fact that deploying a 50-state strategy is the only way to win everywhere Democrats need to win. In 2006, we put that strategy to the test and captured control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and a majority of governorships and state legislatures for the first time since 1994. We even picked up Senate seats in states no one thought possible like Montana and Missouri.

Here’s the truth: Investing everywhere is expensive and it’s only effective if it’s backed by grassroots supporters like you. There are only 46 days left — and we don’t have any time to waste.

He called on members and supporters to make a donation to help support combat Donald Trump, and help get Democrats elected up and down the country.

This should put a spring in the step of all those arguing for investment and training at all levels, and for those keen to combat the mentality of ‘no go areas’.

PS. If you’re reading our website, you’re probably not in the US! So rather than donate to the Democrats, donate to Liberal Democrat Expand here instead. You could always donate to both…

Liberal with an interest in free markets and open borders. Find me at the LSE European Institute (MSc Student), PopUp Painting & Events (Co-Founder), and LibDem Expand (Director). @garethlshelton on Twitter. I blog at medium.com/@garethlshelton

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