• Hiatus for Local Elections
    We’re now into the short campaign for local elections on May 3rd. As such, Liberal Democrat Expand will be on hiatus. Building up our party – both locally and nationally – is an ongoing process. And while elections are milestones, they’re not the whole journey. Like the winning of elections themselves, the work needs to … Continue reading Hiatus for Local Elections
  • What we’re looking forward to at #LDConf in Southport
    If you’ve been following our work for very long, you’ll know that we absolutely love conference. Each conference we take a look through the agenda, and highlight the top trainings, fringes and debates – all with a 650 Strategy in mind. If we’re to build our party up we need to make sure we’ve got skilled … Continue reading What we’re looking forward to at #LDConf in Southport
  • The best of #IWD2018 from Lib Dems across the UK
    Yesterday was International Women’s Day. It’s an important day, celebrating the achievements of women across all aspects of society – and also as a rallying cry to achieve gender equality. At Liberal Democrat Expand, we recognise that there is a lot to do. Women comprise little over a third of MPs, and an IPPR study … Continue reading The best of #IWD2018 from Lib Dems across the UK
  • Drowning in a Sea of Blue
    To Win Across the Country We Need To Speak About The Issues That Matter Locally If I stand out and observe the view from my favourite spot in Scarborough , all I can see for miles is a sea of blue. That’s not just because Scarborough is right on the North Sea coast, but also because I … Continue reading Drowning in a Sea of Blue
  • Alderdice Report released
    Yesterday the Alderdice Report on Race, Ethnic Minorities and the Culture of the Liberal Democrats was released. Lord Alderdice said “Despite our clear liberal values, rejecting all forms of prejudice and inequality, the Party has failed to engage sufficiently with BAME communities”. Diversity is vital to rebuilding our party, and a key pillar of any … Continue reading Alderdice Report released
  • 100 years since women first got the vote
    Today marks the centenary or women first getting the vote in the UK.  On 6 February 1918, the Representation of the People Act was brought into law. At first the franchise extended to women above 30 who met a property qualification – while it was a right held by all men over the age of 21. … Continue reading 100 years since women first got the vote
  • Digital: You can’t just talk about yourself
    A very insightful blog recently appeared on Bulk.ly. “Three social sharing strategies to help nail the right balance of internal and external content“. It had a simple message: you can’t just talk about yourself endlessly online. No matter if you’re an individual, a business, or the local branch of a political party. People are online … Continue reading Digital: You can’t just talk about yourself
  • “I would definitely recommend Kickstart”
    Having finally got more involved with the party in the 2017 General Election I decided it was time to spend some time working out what my longer term contribution to the party could be. Like others in the party I have a range of skills that I’ve developed outside the party that would be useful, … Continue reading “I would definitely recommend Kickstart”
  • Rusholme 2017: A by-election within a by-election
    I was sat in my grandmother’s front room when the news broke that veteran Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman, the father of the house, had passed away. He had been Member of Parliament for Manchester Gorton for over 40 years, and his hard work turned Gorton into one of the safest Labour seats in the … Continue reading Rusholme 2017: A by-election within a by-election
  • If Democrats can win in Alabama…
    There’s been quite a lot for Liberals to celebrate this week. On Wednesday Parliament voted in favour of Amendment 7 to the EU Withdrawal Bill, meaning that Parliament would have a say on the the future Brexit Deal. The government was defeated by just four votes! More relevant to LibDem Expand, perhaps, was a piece … Continue reading If Democrats can win in Alabama…