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Make a donation below and join Liberal Democrat Expand as a member. With your help we can make the case for a 650 Strategy. This includes everything from hosting our website, transcribing audio, producing and literature and reaching the people who need to hear from us..

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Whatever you can donate will be very much appreciated, but here’s what you can do with your money:

  • For £10 we can transcribe over an hour of audio or run an advertising campaign to reach hundreds of people
  • For £20 we can run an online campaign and maintain our website
  • For £50 we can run an online campaign, transcribe audio, maintain our website, and make a contribution to our Conference budget

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We can only accept donations from permissible sources. To this end, we will collect information about you to ensure that we are complying with the law. We might contact you in the future if we are not able to accept your donation for any reason.

Donations of over £1500 will be published on the Electoral Commission website.

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