Style Guide

Interested in writing a  piece for Liberal Democrat Expand? We’re always looking for new contributors, be it on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis. We have a topic list here, but we’re also very keen to hear your thoughts. Perhaps you’ve been trying something new in your party that you want to share – or perhaps you and a colleague want to debate an issue of strategy and tactics.

We’ve produced a brief set of guidelines to help you construct your piece in a way that fits with the culture and aims of Lib Dem Expand.

If you have any questions, or if you have a piece you would like to submit, please get in touch at We can review full pieces or offer advice based on an outline. Please do consult the guidance below beforehand. 

  • 400-600 words in length
  • Ensure that your piece has an argument. What are you recommending to your colleagues in the party? What is the lesson learned from your experience?
  • Pieces need to be constructive. When being critical we need to be fair, and also to give some sense of what could work instead
  • For our debate pieces we are looking for ‘opponents’ to discuss a topic of policy, messaging or tactics in 200 words each. One of you will take one side, and the other the other!
  • We would prefer your contribution to appear on first – but after that it is your work and you are encouraged to share it widely.
  • Submissions will be reviewed within 10 working days, and usually sooner.