Our Team

Liberal Democrat Expand is run by a small but committed team of volunteers, with support from a wider pool of writers from across the party.

The Liberal Democrat Expand Exec

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Gareth Lewis Shelton – Director

Gareth works in the creative industries and holds a masters in political economy. He’s interested in the way digital can reinvigorate the party, and importing ideas from elsewhere in the world.


April Preston –
Exec Member
April is an equalities spokesperson, feminist and candidate for Manchester Withington. April is the Director of the Radical Association and Honorary Vice President of the Young Liberals.


Kevin McNamara
One of the CoFounders of Liberal Democrat Expand, Kevin is passionate about turning the party’s fortunes around – at every level. Kevin  has worked closely with organisations across the party, from Young Liberals to Your Liberal Britain.
Dipa Vaya
Exec Member
Dipa serves as Liberal Democrat Expand’s diversity expert, having served as the local diversity officer for Watford Liberal Democrat. Dipa is passionate about improving the party’s relationships with diverse communities.

Elaine Bagshaw
Honorary President – Elaine Bagshaw

In August 2018 Elaine Bagshaw joined the team as Honorary President of Liberal Democrat Expand. Learn more about Elaine’s role here.



Liberal Democrat Expand is also supported by co-founder Josh Dixon.

Previous writers for Liberal Democrat have included:

We are always looking for new pieces and writers. If you’d like to write for us, get in touch.